More Than the Best Pet Sitter in Summerville

best pet sitter in Summerville

We understand that finding a pet sitter in Summerville requires careful consideration.  At first glance, it may seem that all pet sitters are the same.  However, while we cannot speak for other service providers, we can tell you what we think makes us, “Us.  If you’re still not sure about Posh Paws after reading this, we have cat- and dog-moms who are happy to share their experience with us, with you. Oh, and we were recently voted ‘2020 Best Pet Care Company’ in Summerville.

Best Pet Care Company in Summerville
2020 Best Pet Care Company in Summerville

Mindset Matters

Asking any pet parent to entrust their four-legged family member to us is a big ask.  We completely understand that.  It’s akin to finding a first sitter for your baby or toddler.  When it comes right down to it, leaving your pet with anyone for the first time can be emotional.

So, before any true ‘sitting’ begins, we schedule a meet and greet.  A meet and greet provides a two-fold purpose.  The first is so that pet owners can meet their sitter from Posh Paws.  Second, and maybe more importantly, is so that your pet gets their chance to meet (** sniff **) us.  We know that we need their stamp of approval before they’ll welcome us back into your home.

Just like people, we know that not everyone will be ‘best-est of friends’ right off the bat.  Your pet may need some time to warm up to us, and that’s ok.  We won’t force it, and we’ll give them all the space they need.

Dogs (and Cats) Are People, Too

Ok, we know they’re not really people. But anyone who loves an animal will tell you they sure do act like them sometimes.  It’s part of what endears them to us so much.

For instance, we know that they experience emotions similar to how small children experience them.  Our sitters take the approach that your pet has good days and bad days.  We believe that they have personal preferences for things such as toys, food, and even their humans.   We bend to fit into their lives.  It shouldn’t be the other way around. Even more, we understand that we are in their home.  If the couch is ‘theirs’, we’ll get comfortable in the armchair.

We’d Really Dig Getting into a Relationship

Posh Paws Pet Care sitters want to establish a positive and long-term relationship with your pet.  We hope to become really good friends with your pet.  Given time, we know that we will build trust and a welcomed familiarity (for both of us).

Check-Out Our Pet Sitter Profile Below to See if We’re a Match

Share our profile with your pup and let them decide

Our promise is to pay attention to their body language and respect what they’re saying.  If they’re standoffish, we give them space allowing them to feel comfortable. When they want love and attention, we give it to them.  If they want to stare into our eyes, we’re into it! If they want belly rubs and ear scratches, that’s our jam. We can even swing a feather on a stick for hours.  The longer we know your pet, the better we become at caring for them and meeting their needs.  Just like a human relationship. 

More Than the Best Pet Sitter in Summerville

When looking for a pet sitter in Summerville, your pet has a few choices.  (Did we mention, we were voted ‘best pet sitter in Summerville’?). We hope that we’ll get the chance to meet them and to create a lasting friendship.  Talk it over with your pet and ask them to look at our Pet Sitter profile below.

best pet sitter in Summerville
Share our profile with your pets and let them decide 😉

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