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Pet Care

Caring for Senior Dogs

caring for senior dogs

Caring for Senior Dogs If you have one, you know that caring for senior dogs is a special time in your life and theirs.  Thanks to advances in veterinary health, our companions are able to live longer than before. However, senior dogs can face some challenges that weren’t part of their youth.  We want to…

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Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets

Christmas Decorations for Pets

Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets The holidays are upon us, including all of the beautiful lights and decorations.  Not unlike having a toddler during the holidays, consideration of what Fido’s little paws might be able to get into plays a part in how and where to decorate.  The hazards of Christmas decorations for pets…

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Thanksgiving Meals for Pets

Thanksgiving Meals for Pets

Thanksgiving Meals for Pets The Best and Worst (and a Tasty Recipe) The weather is changing and calendar pages are flipping.  This month, Thanksgiving arrives bringing with it lots of yummy foods.  If you include your pet in the annual food-festivities there are Thanksgiving meals for pets that are delicious and nutritious. However, stop before…

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Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips

Autumn pet health

Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips The changing foliage and crisp air of autumn create excitement among many. Especially here in the South where we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.  As a pet owner, you know that your furry friends love the change in season too. With the page turn of the calendar also comes…

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Facts and Fixes for Doggy Breath

doggy breath

Facts and Fixes for Doggy Breath If your furry friend’s kisses are prompting online searches for doggy breath mints, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a fix for canine halitosis. It will not only make snuggling a little more pleasant, but will also make a big difference in his health. Ready to learn more?…

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Cat Sitting for Your Feline Family Member

cat sitting

Cat Sitting Services If you are like us, you consider your cat part of the family. Each day you dote attention on them and ensure that they are lovingly cared for. Cat owners can sometimes also believe that their feline friend will enjoy the time alone while they are away. Although cats are notorious for…

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