5 Reasons Why Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date

Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine's Date

We’ll say it, your dog makes the best Valentine’s date.  It’s February and it isn’t just pandemic related items and politics that are in the air.  It’s also the love of man’s best friend.  Of course, we encourage you to shower love on your human Valentine’s, too, if you want. Although, we believe after you read this you may be having second thoughts.  (We’re kinda’ kidding and kinda’ not).

The Reasons Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date

Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine's Date
Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date
  1. Dogs Don’t Talk:  Sometimes we wish our dogs could talk to us. However, on Valentine’s Day, it means they can’t say the wrong thing.
  2. Low Expectations: Unlike a human date on this day, your dog has fairly low expectations.  If you simply walk in the door, your pooch is the happiest with you he’ll be all evening. (For repeat releases of those endorphins, walk outside and come back in).
  3. Dog Kisses Are Never Poorly Timed:  Unlike a Valentine’s Day date, your dog can never get the timing of his sweet kisses wrong.  There is one caveat, the slobber.  Slobber isn’t necessarily cute from a date or your dog.
  4. You Won’t Have to Share Your Dessert:  Your pup may want your dessert, but in good conscience, you certainly don’t (and probably shouldn’t) have to share all that sweetness with him. However, just like a human, he may stare at you with those “can I have some, too” eyes.
  5. You Won’t Have to Buy a New Outfit:  Your dog loves you just the way you are.  Sweatpants and a t-shirt are a-ok with Fido. 

But Wait, There’s More

We know we said 5 reasons, but there is more.   

6. You Can Say I Love You: If you’re the sentimental type, this one is right up your alley.  With your dog as your Valentine’s Day date, feel free to gush about how much you love them.  Even if it’s your first day with them.  It won’t be weird.  They won’t turn and run the other direction.  And they may even suggest that you can touch their belly.

7. Would Your Human Date Do This for You?

Whoever your date is this Valentine’s Day, we hope you have a day that makes you smile and feel loved. 

What do you think is the biggest reason your dog makes the best Valentine’s date?

Looking for Some Doggie Date Ideas?

If you’re looking for some doggie date ideas, we have a few.

  1. Dog-friendly Coffee Shop (here’s our fav in Summerville)
  2. Long Walk on the Beach
  3. Dog-friendly Luxury Hotel
  4. Walk in the Park
  5. Have Your Picture Taken Together

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