Getting Rid of Dog Urine Smell

getting rid of dog urine

Whatever age your dog, accidents happen.  As a dog owner, it’s expected.  The issue is getting rid of dog urine smell.  And, the other ‘stuff’s’ odor, too.  Not to worry, we’ll give you some suggestions for removing those tough odors.  We’ll also give you some pointers just in case this is a common occurrence for…

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Loss of a Pet – How to Cope

Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be devastating.  If you’ve ever been through it, you know. We know.  We recently lost three of our sweet furry family members in the span of two weeks.  Each having been with us for some of the best parts of our lives. We loved Mocha for more…

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Who is the Pack Leader in Your House

pack leader

Who’s the Pack Leader in Your House? Is there a pack leader in your home?  Dog ownership is one of the most rewarding endeavors known to man. When done properly, like being a good boss, your dogs will follow your lead.  Not only that, but they will also be utterly devoted to you.  However, also…

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Fun Ways to Challenge Your Dog’s Mind

challenge your dog

Are you looking for ways to challenge your dog? If not, it might be something worth considering.  This is especially true if they seem to be depressed or creating an unusual amount of dog-trouble. Can you imagine doing the same thing day in and day out?  Eating the same food, seeing the same things, walking…

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More Than the Best Pet Sitter in Summerville

best pet sitter in Summerville

We understand that finding a pet sitter in Summerville requires careful consideration.  At first glance, it may seem that all pet sitters are the same.  However, while we cannot speak for other service providers, we can tell you what we think makes us, “Us”.  If you’re still not sure about Posh Paws after reading this,…

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5 Reasons Why Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine’s Date

Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine's Date

We’ll say it, your dog makes the best Valentine’s date.  It’s February and it isn’t just pandemic related items and politics that are in the air.  It’s also the love of man’s best friend.  Of course, we encourage you to shower love on your human Valentine’s, too, if you want. Although, we believe after you…

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