These 8 Plants are Extremely Harmful to Dogs

plants harmful to dogs

Did you know that there are over 400 species of plants that are harmful for dogs? In 2021 alone, indoor and outdoor plant poisonings were one of the top five poison calls made to the Animal Poison Control Center. Ahead, we discuss the eight most harmful plants for dogs. Some of the side effects are…

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Importance of Exercise for Dogs

Importance of Exercise for Dogs We’ll just come right on out and say it.  If your pet is overweight, you’ll want to read about the importance of exercise for dogs.  Exercise helps maintain an ideal weight and makes for a happy pup.  Most importantly, remember that just like humans, there are health risks when your…

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5 Reasons for Adopting a Senior Dog

adopting a senior dog

5 Reasons for Adopting a Senior Dog When you’re thinking about a new dog in your family, consider adopting a senior dog from a local shelter.  Larger dogs are considered “senior” around the age of seven.  Smaller dogs mature slower and become seniors later in their lives. Senior dogs, of any size, miss having a…

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Keeping Dogs Cool in Summertime

Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer Keeping dogs cool in summertime is one of those things we usually don’t think about until it’s reallllly hot outside.  It’s already April and it’s starting to give us hints of the summer to come. Making preparations for your pup now can help them avoid overheating and dehydration.  It will…

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2 Most Helpful Dog Commands

dog commands

Being able to communicate with your dog is essential for a good relationship with them. If you’re looking for the first dog commands to teach your dog, we believe these two are it.  There are certainly benefits to taking a structured training class with your pup.  However, these commands below can be taught right at…

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