Tips for Traveling with Your Pet

tips for traveling with your pet

The thought of traveling with a pet can be both exciting and daunting. Making sure your pet is comfortable and safe throughout the journey requires thorough preparation. Here are five tips for traveling with your pet, keeping them – and you – safe and happy: Research your destination: Pick the proper transportation: Give your pet…

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Mental Well-Being for Pets

The Importance of Mental Well-Being for Your Pets In today’s fast-paced world, the discussion surrounding mental health has fortunately become more transparent and accepted. As loving and caring pet owners, is it also time we extend this awareness to the furry members of our family? The pet care experts at Posh Paws Pet Care are…

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Do Animals Like Music?

animals and music

Do Animals Like Music? (And How They Are Affected by It) At Posh Paws Pet Care, we’re intrigued by the relationship between animals and music. While some might consider it a peculiar notion, there’s compelling evidence that animals have a deep connection with melodies. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of how music…

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Preparing for a Vet Visit

vet visit

It’s vet visit time and your veterinarian is an important member of your pet’s family. An exceptional vet will make a concerted effort to get to know and befriend your pet. They will also answer your questions, and research your quandaries. They can also point you toward resources like emergency care facilities. Whether you adopt,…

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Why Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter is Important

hiring a professional pet sitter

Hiring a professional pet sitter has a myriad of benefits. Not only for you, but also for your pets. Depending on your pet, leaving them alone can lead to depression or be dangerous. And even more so, boarding them can make them feel anxious. Every pet is a little different. Here’s our professional take on…

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Unlikely Animal Friendships

unlikely animal friendships

Unlikely Animal Friendships There are unlikely animal friendships in the world that may make you ask yourself ‘How did that happen?’.  A dog and a cat?  A cat and a bird?  We’ve been conditioned to believe (thank you Tom and Jerry cartoons) that this simply cannot and should not occur.  However, it does, over and…

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