Time to Pet Client Spotlight

Time to Pet

Recently, I was interviewed by Josh Winer.  Josh works for a company providing software for our business.  This company, Time To Pet, provides pet sitting software made for pet sitters and dog walkers.  It includes everything someone like me needs to manage, grow, and love our business even more. That includes staff management, scheduling, invoicing and more. At Posh Paws Pet Care, we use Time To Pet software to make bookings and client interactions easier for everyone.

Posh Paws in the Time to Pet Spotlight

In March, Posh Paws Pet Care was featured in their client spotlight. As the owner, I was interviewed about my personal history and also the Posh Paws Pet Care history and what we do.

Time to Pet
Time to Pet – March 2021 Client Spotlight

The interviewer asked me how I got into pet sitting and dog walking. And, he also asks me what the most fulfilling part of owning this business is. There are so many things it’s difficult to narrow that down.

I was also asked about what the most challenging items are. As if being around dogs, cats and other animals all day is challenging.  But seriously, there are some challenges to owning a pet sitting and dog walking business and I talk about them with Time To Pet.

This cutie makes an appearance in the Spotlight

If you’d like to read the March Client Spotlight article for yourself, you can check it out at this link here.

One of my favorite questions, was where do I see my business in five years. That’s a good question for any small business, and I’m glad I was asked.

Finally, I was asked how Time To Pet has most changed how I run my business. You may not be surprised to learn that it has a lot to do with saving time.

Being interviewed is fun and exciting.  It also makes you take a closer look at things.  Mostly, I had a chance to reflect on why I’m in this business, how we have impacted the clients (both two and four-legged) we work with, and how can we continue to grow and make improvements.