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Warning Signs of a Sick Cat

warning signs of a sick cat

Warning Signs of a Sick Cat Warning signs of a sick cat may not be so obvious.  As with all pets, even our independent cats may feel a little under the weather from time to time.  This article may help you identify an issue with your cat and help you treat the symptoms quickly. Whether…

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5 Signs of a Happy Cat

Happy Cat

Can You Recognize the 5 Signs of a Happy Cat? Do you have a happy cat? While it’s true that cats are adorable and wonderful pets, they are also enigmatic and mysterious. Unlike dogs, cats don’t show many obvious signs of happiness like wagging their tail or excitedly following you around. Still, it’s a mistake…

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Pets: Some Origin Stories

man's best friend

Man’s Best Friend and More Have you ever wondered why a cat has nine lives or dogs are considered man’s best friend? We hear these phrases all the time, and where did they originate from? We thought we’d investigate. Why Are Dog’s Called Man’s Best Friend. For many obvious reasons, dogs have earned the position…

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Cats vs Dogs

cats vs dogs

Cats vs Dogs: Which One is For You? Can you imagine your home with a cat and a dog at the same time? Would it be cats vs dogs for attention?  These two types of animals can, in some cases, get along well. However, they are very different in how they will behave and interact…

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Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets

Christmas Decorations for Pets

Hazards of Christmas Decorations for Pets The holidays are upon us, including all of the beautiful lights and decorations.  Not unlike having a toddler during the holidays, consideration of what Fido’s little paws might be able to get into plays a part in how and where to decorate.  The hazards of Christmas decorations for pets…

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Thanksgiving Meals for Pets

Thanksgiving Meals for Pets

Thanksgiving Meals for Pets The Best and Worst (and a Tasty Recipe) The weather is changing and calendar pages are flipping.  This month, Thanksgiving arrives bringing with it lots of yummy foods.  If you include your pet in the annual food-festivities there are Thanksgiving meals for pets that are delicious and nutritious. However, stop before…

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