Holiday Foods for Pets: Yummy and Safe

What’s Safe and What to Avoid The holidays are here, and meal planning may be at the top of your preparations list.  With so many holiday traditions connected to food (e.g, ham, turkey, cookies, gingerbread houses, big meals around the table), it’s hard not to share a little with our furry friends.  You may even…

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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Cold weather safety tips for pets — but in the South? You bet. Even though the cold weather here is pretty mild compared to Colorado or Minnesota, our Low Country pets still need to be kept warm in chillier weather than they’re used to. With some help from the ASPCA’s website, we’ve pulled together tips…

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Why Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter is Important

hiring a professional pet sitter

Hiring a professional pet sitter has a myriad of benefits. Not only for you, but also for your pets. Depending on your pet, leaving them alone can lead to depression or be dangerous. And even more so, boarding them can make them feel anxious. Every pet is a little different. Here’s our professional take on…

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Loss of a Pet – How to Cope

Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet can be devastating.  If you’ve ever been through it, you know. We know.  We recently lost three of our sweet furry family members in the span of two weeks.  Each having been with us for some of the best parts of our lives. We loved Mocha for more…

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More Than the Best Pet Sitter in Summerville

best pet sitter in Summerville

We understand that finding a pet sitter in Summerville requires careful consideration.  At first glance, it may seem that all pet sitters are the same.  However, while we cannot speak for other service providers, we can tell you what we think makes us, “Us”.  If you’re still not sure about Posh Paws after reading this,…

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Empty the Shelters in Response to Covid-19

empty the shelters

Empty The Shelters in Response to Covid-19 What You Can Do in Summerville, SC Empty the Shelters is an initiative started by Bissell in 2016. Yes, Bissell, the vacuum cleaner and floor care product manufacturing company.  Their goal is to find forever homes for every pet in a shelter.  Since 2016, according to their website,…

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