How to Stop Your Dog from Begging

stop your dog from begging

Stop Your Dog from Begging

Do you want to stop your dog from begging? As cute and adorable as our canine friends are, they can sometimes exhibit the unacceptable behavior of begging. While it may seem tempting to give in to your dog’s adorable eyes and alluring charms, begging is an undesirable trait and should not be rewarded.

If you are having trouble coping with your dog’s begging and want them to stop, keep reading to learn a few effective ways to stop your dog from begging.

Learn to Say “No”

This seems like an obvious solution, but it’s arguably the most effective and difficult for pet owners. Dogs are persistent animals when they want a snack, so you have to be ready to give them a firm “no” when it’s not their time to eat.

stop your dog from begging

Although your dog doesn’t yet know what you’re saying when you say “no”, they can read your body language and understand your tone of voice. If you’re consistent at saying “no” when your dog is begging, they’ll understand to back off whenever you give them that warning.

Don’t Waver, Ever!

Saying “no” or giving your dog a command to sit or stay when they see food is only effective when you are consistent. Dogs are quick learners and will obey you if you give strict commands.

Therefore, if you allow your pet to nibble food off the table or eat a treat when they’re not supposed to, you’re lowering your authority and their willingness to listen to you. Plus, dogs are incredibly intelligent and will beg more intently if they notice that you give in. Some dogs have been known to beg for an hour or more.

Keep Your Dog Well-Fed

Experts recommend that an adult dog should eat at least twice a day. That generally means eating once in the morning and once in the evening. However, puppies are often encouraged to eat four or five times per day as directed by a veterinarian.

Like you, your dog will understandably get hungry if you skip one of their mealtimes. Remember to keep your dog well-fed to develop a routine. However, you can also give your dog treats sporadically throughout the day (or week) to make sure they don’t depend on eating them.

In addition, there are healthy alternatives to over the counter treats, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, or green beans. Ask your veterinarian for a complete list for your pup.

Play With Your Dog

stop your dog from begging

Especially in their younger years, dogs can be very persuasive when it comes to begging. One of the best ways to eliminate this behavior is to preoccupy them. If you have free time, take your dog out on a walk, give them their favorite toy, or go for a ride in the car to take their mind off whatever they’re craving.

Prevent Others from Giving In

If you have children or any other house guests, make it clear to them that they should never feed your dog when he begs. Not only will this reduce your own authority you have with your pet, but your dog will begin to beg more frequently and approach those who accommodates them.

If a member of your household is eating, or if everyone is having dinner, make sure your dog sits, waits, or leaves the room until everyone is finished. If you want to stop your dog from begging, it can take some time. However, the payoff is worth the investment.

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