5 Signs of a Happy Cat

Happy Cat

Can You Recognize the 5 Signs of a Happy Cat?

Do you have a happy cat? While it’s true that cats are adorable and wonderful pets, they are also enigmatic and mysterious. Unlike dogs, cats don’t show many obvious signs of happiness like wagging their tail or excitedly following you around. Still, it’s a mistake to believe that cats don’t express their happiness to their owners. To learn more about your furry friend’s behavior, here are five tell-tale signs of a happy cat.

1. Purring

Feline experts believe that purring is your cat’s way of saying “all is well”. Rightfully so, cats often purr when they’re comfortable and content, usually before they prepare for a long nap. Cats will also purr when they’re in pain or dealing with a stressful situation. Though, for the most part, if a cat constantly purrs when they are cuddling next to you, it means that they trust you and that they’re happy being around you.

2. Kneading

Kneading, making biscuits, playing the piano, or whatever you want to call it is a clear sign of happiness in your cat. Cats typically perform this action after purring or before they go to sleep on a surface. Experts link this behavior to a feline’s infancy, where they had to knead their mother’s nipples to drink milk. Therefore, if your cat kneads your arm or leg before they fall asleep in your lap, it means they are content and comfortable in your care.

3. Upright Tail

Like dogs, cats can express their mood through their tails. Happy cats tend to position their tails straight up to signify their happiness. The tip of a cat’s tail is also a great indicator of a feline’s happiness. If your cat is walking toward you with the tip of their tail twitching, it means that they are very pleased to see you and likely want some of your attention and affection. 

However, cats show their anger through an upright tail as well. If you want to learn more about how your cat’s tail displays their mood, take a look at the image below.

4. Slow Blinking

Cats are predatory animals and are often very careful with giving their trust to people and other animals. If you’ve ever seen a frightened or angry cat staring at you, you would have noticed that they don’t typically blink. For cats, blinking in the presence of another creature is a great sign of trust and affection. So, if you ever catch your cat giving you a slow blink, make sure you return their affection by doing the same.

5. Headbutting

Cats have scent glands on their face that allow them to mark their territory and establish certain items and people as their “property”. Whenever your cat headbutts you, it means they are treating you as a member of their family. Throughout generations, cats have headbutted other cats and their kittens this way as a sign of endearment.

Therefore, you can be certain that your feline friend is extremely happy if they are always placing their scent on you and your belongings.

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