Improve Your Dogs Health

improve your dogs health

Food Changes That Will Improve Your Dog’s Health

Taking care of our dog’s health is important.  Sometimes, we may not know exactly where to start or even what may be causing an illness.  Did you know that there are three food changes that will improve your dogs overall health?  If you’re not familiar with the food / health correlation, this article is for you.  Below are some simple steps pup-owners can take to change their dog’s diet to help with their overall health.

My Dog and People Food?

There are a lot of different camps on people-food for dogs.  In moderation, it is ok to feed your pooch certain types of people food. This doesn’t mean pizza or fried foods.  It does encourage incorporating different fruits and vegetables into your dog’s diet.

To improve your dogs health, vegetables which provide natural minerals and vitamins are a plus.  These types of veggies can help with digestion and make sure Fido feels full without a lot of empty calories.

Dog’s favorites seem to include carrots (we recommend baby or pre-sliced), green beans, and leafy vegetables like cabbage or kale.  Each provides nutrition and is a fun menu-change for your pet.

Research new foods before introducing them.  For example, do not ever feed your dog onions, shallots, or scallions because they can cause hemoyitic anemia. This type of anemia attacks or destroys your dog’s red blood cell count, which carry oxygen.  This can leave them defenseless and can sometimes be fatal.  While this is extreme, there is a connection between food and health.

Foods for Mature Dogs

As our pups get older, just like us, they may have trouble with arthritis and joint pain.  Moving around may become more difficult than when they were young and full of energy.

Adding foods high in anti-oxidants can sometime help.  This includes foods such as blueberries, broccoli, kale, and sweet potatoes.  Sweet potatoes can also reduce the risk of certain types of cancer.  You may want to serve sweet potatoes in moderation as they have been linked to gastrointestinal issues.

Also important is proper hydration.  Ensure your dog drinks enough water to keep joints adequately lubricated.  Dehydration can lead to stiff joints and ligaments.

Foods for Your Dog’s Skin

Omega fatty acids sound terrible, however, they are great for your dog’s skin. If your dog experiences dry skin, try including some into your dog’s diet. Some commercial dog food will have oils added or you can include some coconut, salmon, or flaxseed oil to supplement accordingly.  Speak with your veterinarian for the proper amounts for your dog’s size, age, and health.

Dogs usually adapt to the change of eating healthier better than us humans. Introducing foods to improve your dogs health will be a fun transition or addition for them.

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