7 Fun Facts About Dogs


Fun Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

Our four-legged friends are wonderful and curious creatures.  Have you ever wondered why or how they do the things they do?  We think you may not know about some of these fun facts about dogs.  And you may even have a few “a-ha” moments.

Their Third Eye (Lid)

If you look very closely to a dog’s eyes, you may see something a little peculiar that you cannot explain.  If it looks like something “extra” is happening, it’s because there is.  Dogs have a third eye lid.  They have an upper lid, a lower lid and a third lid. This third lid is called a nictitating membrane. Also known as a “haw”.

nictitating membrane

This extra eyelid helps keep their eyes moist and protected. The haw is visible as it runs horizontally across part of the eye. This membrane is present in the corner of the eye of all dogs. Dogs are not the only animals with these third eyelids. Birds, reptiles, cats, fish, and camels also have these nictitating membranes.

Bathroom Kicks

If you’ve ever watched your dog “go potty” outside, you may have noticed his ritual of kicking his hind legs backwards over his poo. Many owners believe this has something to do with covering up what was just done. However, the very opposite is true. The American Kennel Club tells us that there are scent glands in our dogs feet. By kicking backwards, they release their scent and mark their territory.

Curling Into a Ball

If we remember that dogs weren’t always domesticated, this fact makes perfect sense. Did you know that dogs curl into a ball before sleep as a means to protect their organs? This instinct traces back to their days in the wild.

Helicopter Tail

You know that tail! The one where your dog is waving his tail in a complete circle like a helicopter? This behavior is almost always a sign of a very friendly dog. It also shows a genuine happiness to see someone special to them. For even more info on this behavior, check out this article on helicopter tail waging.

Tail Chasing

We all see dogs chasing their tails. Dogs chase their tails for several reasons. The most common are exercise, curiosity, anxiety, and predatory instinct. A less common reason is fleas. If your dog chases his tail excessively, consider visiting the vet.

Unique Nose Print

Like a human’s fingerprint, a dogs nose print is unique. While not as helpful in solving dog-related mischief, nose prints could tell us “who dunnit”.

Dalmatian Spots

Dalmatians are an amazing breed. Did you know that they are not born with any of their spots? As a matter of fact, they are born with completely white fur. With age you’ll eventually find spots everywhere, even in their mouth. The first spots take a few weeks to be “spotted” on their fur.

Dalmatian Puppies

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