Considering Adopting a COVID Puppy?

adopting a COVID puppy

Are You Considering Adopting a “COVID” Puppy (or an adult dog)?

For humans, COVID has been nothing but a sheer mess.  For dogs and puppies, however, it’s been like a dream come true.  With thousands of humans being mandated to stay at home, pets are getting an abundance of quality alone time with their humans. And, puppies and dogs are being adopted more than ever before.  If you’re on the fence about adopting during a pandemic, it’s worth asking yourself a question:  Are you ready to provide financial and emotional care for the next decade or so?  If your answer is a resounding yes, do you know where to start the process?

Selecting a puppy/dog is like choosing a spouse in some sense.  This choice will be with you for an extended period of time, and you’ll be exposed to their quirks on a daily basis.  Choose wisely.  These tips may help you find the perfect formula for adopting a COVID puppy.

How to Find Your “Mate”

adopting a COVID Puppy

Just like with considering who to date or marry, understanding your ‘type’ is a good first step.  Take a look at your lifestyle and think about what it will be like when things get back to ‘normal’, too. 

Understanding your own activity level is key, also.  If you’re very active outdoors (especially in the South), a bulldog may not be right for you.  Conversely, if you’re more of a couch surfer, an Australian Shepherd probably won’t be a good fit for you, either.  While each dog has their own personality, many breeds are known for their typical characteristics.  The AKC website helps readers find their best fit by searching general characteristics.  For example, find breeds that have a low activity level and shed only seasonally.  Yes, these dogs do exist.

Shop Local

Ok, so you’re not really shopping, but this is a tagline that resonates with so many these days.  What we actually mean is to visit your local shelters and rescues.  In the Summerville are, resources include, and are not limited to:

However, amidst a pandemic, some shelters are closed to walk-ins. If you’re looking for additional resources, please contact us for more info.  We’d be happy to help.  Or you can visit  It includes a database of all the homeless dogs in your area.  Be prepared to want to adopt them all.  Just sayin’.

adopting a covid puppy

Go on a Blind Date Before Adopting a “COVID” Puppy

Meeting your potential new family member in-person is so very important.  While I’m sure there is a reality TV show where people marry at first sight, that approach rarely works with a new dog or puppy.  This is a true commitment and returning your dog to the shelter because ‘it just didn’t work out’, would be heartbreaking for the dog, you, and your family.  If a shelter is closed for meet and greets, keep looking.

Things to Remember

Eventually, the world will resume a more normal appearance (hopefully).  When your life shifts back to that pre-pandemic normal, what will life look like for your new pet?  If there will be little time for them, or they’ll spend most of their time alone, you’ll want to consider hiring a pet sitter or dog walker like us to supplement the human interaction they need. 

In addition, if you bring your new puppers home and he’s more work than you anticipated, don’t fret.  Our service will come to your location, focused on social distancing protocols, and take fido for a walk to work out the wiggles.

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