A Happy and Healthy Dog for Your Family

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A Happy and Healthy Dog for Your Family

We know dogs need life’s basic necessities of food, water and shelter. However, do you know what makes a happy and healthy dog? As pet parents, we provide our furry friends with love and companionship and yearly vet check-ups. What are we missing that our dogs can’t tell us about? Read on for tips because everyone loves a happy and healthy dog.

What a Happy and Healthy Dog Needs to be Their Best

The formula for a happy and healthy dog is very simple; exercise and mental stimulation.

As a pet parent, you know to provide food and love on a daily basis, however, are the physical and mental needs of our dogs being overlooked?

Are You Overlooking Exercise and Mental Stimulation for Your Dog?

Life is hectic! Many of us get busy with work, family and other community obligations. Therefore, sometimes our dog’s needs are moved to last on the list or even overlooked all together.

Some pet parents believe that having a large backyard is sufficient to satisfy a dog’s need for exercise.  Like people, dogs will get lonely and bored. Unfortunately, your dog will not satisfy its daily exercise needs while being left alone all day in the same boring backyard.

How to Give Your Dog the Exercise it Needs

To ensure that your pup gets the exercise that they need, schedule time every day to walk your dog. For the best walking experience, choose a different route every couple of days to keep your dog interested and introduce them to new smells.

How can I mentally stimulate my dog?

As a Certified Dog Trainer in Summerville, I recommend adding daily training sessions with your dog into your routine. The consistent training not only helps replace unwanted behaviors, it also builds a bond between you and your dog. Ten minutes of dog training is equal to 30 minutes of physical exercise!

In addition to daily dog training, there are doggie puzzles and games that help your dog to focus and problem solve. This type of play time helps your dog to use their mind, sight and sense of smell to enrich their lives, all while having fun.

An added benefit of mental stimulation for your dog is that it keeps your dog alert as he ages. A happy and healthy dog is what we all want for our best furry friend.

What if I’m Having Trouble Meeting My Dog’s Needs?

We love our dogs and as such want what’s best for them. If you find yourself unable to meet all their needs, don’t worry, that’s why we are here. Posh Paws Pet Care offers Dog Walking services in the Summerville area for dogs of all fitness levels. Posh Paws offers 15 minute Mini Walks for less active and senior dogs that just need to stretch their legs during the day, as well as keep their joints and bodies moving. For the young or very active adult dogs, Posh Paws offers 30 – 60 minute walks throughout Summerville and the surrounding areas.

Posh Paws Pet Care also offers Play Care in addition to Dog Walking for those dogs that like a little variety in their life!

Are you in the Summerville area? Posh Paws Pet Care would love the opportunity to give your dog the exercise they need and deserve. Visit our website or call us at (843) 900-0438 to schedule your appointment today.

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