Is My Dog Annoyed with Me?

dog annoyed

Is My Dog Annoyed With Me?

A light-hearted look at what your dog may be feeling during the pandemic

Is my dog annoyed with me”, you may be wondering.  Lately, we’ve read several tongue-in-cheek posts and articles about women being annoyed with their husbands.  Or, parents managing through 24/7 time with small children.  But what about your dogs?  

If your dog was used to his ‘alone’ time pre-pandemic, he may be exhibiting signs of being annoyed with you and your new constant presence.  And, if you know what being annoyed with someone is like, know that your dog will appreciate your efforts to stop getting on his nerves ?.  However, there may be more to it than what seems to be him giving you the cold shoulder.

Is He Feeling Blah?

While dogs may exhibit behaviors that feel like the ultimate dog annoyed routine, it is possible that more is going on.  Therefore, if you’re sure your dog is feeling well, isn’t depressed, and doesn’t have any other medical issues, use this article as a light-hearted notification that your dog may be annoyed with you.

Here’s What to Look For

Would you know if you have a dog annoyed with you? It’s not always as obvious as an eye-roll or a slamming door.  Here are some things to be aware of.

The Paw Tap

If your dog has started patting, or even smacking, you with a paw it’s a last resort.  Some dogs even perform head butting. He’s trying to tell you something and needs you to pay attention.  It could be a potty break, or he’s hungry, or he needs some attention.  Whatever it is, he thinks you’re not getting what he’s trying to tell you.

dog annoyed

He Walks Away While You’re Talking

If you’re like us, you may tend to over-talk things with our dogs.  We explain the ‘whys’ at length.  Dogs don’t need that type of talk.  They do not get it, and they may get annoyed and walk away.  Have something to tell your pup?  Be direct, and short and sweet.

Tail Tucking

A tucked tail can mean a few things.  For instance, it may mean that he’s scared.  Or it could mean that he’s annoyed with the situation you’ve put him in. 

You Are Inconsistent & It’s Confusing

Similar to rules for children, your dog needs the same consistent boundaries.  If he is allowed to bark at the door sometimes, and other times he is admonished for the behavior, he will quickly become confused and annoyed with you.  Being consistent with your rules and expectations is best for your pup.

He is Perching In Front of You and Staring

Can you imagine the thoughts running through his head?  Are you getting uncomfortable with his unwavering stare?  What is he expecting that you’re not giving him?  It’s time to figure it out so that annoyed dog becomes satisfied dog.

Shunning You

Dogs can, for several reasons, keep their distance from you.  It’s more likely that he is avoiding an overly active situation, or is not feeling well, than you are annoying.

Things Humans Do That Annoy Dogs:

Just like relationships with other people, each dog has a different personality that plays into the essence of your relationship.  Knowing the things that ‘annoy’ your dog and how to avoid them can be helpful in keeping the peace while you’re spending sooooo much time together.  Here are a few to avoid:

  • Staring Too Long Into Their Eyes (as a challenge)
  • Tight Hugging (especially from strangers or children)
  • Yelling at Them
  • Teasing Them
  • Taking Them to Crowded Dog Parks
  • Sleep Interruptions
  • Strange Dog/Animal in His/Her Home
  • Changes in Routine (hello, pandemic)
  • Tight Leash
  • Inconsistency
  • Aggressive Greetings (inadvertent)

Is Your Dog Really Annoyed?

In the end, while there are things that we do to make dogs uncomfortable, they do not feel annoyance the way we do.  In fact, it’s more likely that something is going on with them rather than being annoyed with you.   Whatever is going on with Fido, respond accordingly and your relationship will be back on track in no time.

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