Facts and Fixes for Doggy Breath

doggy breath

Facts and Fixes for Doggy Breath

If your furry friend’s kisses are prompting online searches for doggy breath mints, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a fix for canine halitosis. It will not only make snuggling a little more pleasant, but will also make a big difference in his health. Ready to learn more?

Why is My Dog’s Breath So Bad?

Conditions such as diabetes and kidney failure can cause changes in your dog’s breath. However, the cause of most halitosis is dental disease. Because dogs don’t brush their teeth, plaque and tartar build up along the gum line, trapping odor-causing bacteria. The good news is that eliminating the odor isn’t hard and preventing bad breath in the future is even easier.

Should We See the Vet?

A visit to the veterinarian is the fastest way to eliminate bad breath. A good exam will get to the bottom of what’s causing the odor and chances are that a thorough dental cleaning is all your friend will need, but like people, just brushing isn’t enough.

Once plaque has hardened at the gum line, it’s called tartar, and it takes manual scraping to remove it. Occasionally, a gum infection requiring antibiotics is found, or a damaged tooth may need to be extracted.  Addressing these issues gives you a clean slate on which to start preventive care.

What Can I do to Help Prevent Doggy Breath?

Feeding your dog crunchy food and tartar-control treats helps, but the best solution is to brush your dog’s teeth every day using a children’s toothbrush or a specially-designed finger brush and flavored toothpaste made just for dogs. It might take him a few weeks to get used to the idea of daily dental care, but adding in fun will eventually make it more quality time you can spend together.

In addition to daily brushing, routine cleaning by your veterinarian will take care of any tartar as it builds up and identify and treat other issues as they arise. By keeping your friend’s mouth free of unwanted bacteria, you will be preventing illnesses that swallowing it can cause and keep his breath fresh and clean.

Dog breath doesn’t have to mean the end of a close relationship. See your veterinarian for a fresh start today and can keep enjoying the hugs you both deserve!

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