Cat Sitting for Your Feline Family Member

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Cat Sitting Services

If you are like us, you consider your cat part of the family. Each day you dote attention on them and ensure that they are lovingly cared for. Cat owners can sometimes also believe that their feline friend will enjoy the time alone while they are away. Although cats are notorious for being more independent than dogs, they do still require daily interaction and routine care. If you are a cat owner and planning on being away for more than a day, it is important to make arrangements to have a professional cat sitter come to visit them.

What is a Cat Sitting Service?

A cat sitter has comprehensive experience interacting with a variety of cat personality types. Therefore, they offer many benefits to you and your cat. For example, you will have peace of mind knowing that an expert will be able to assess their daily condition and report any changes to you immediately. At Posh Paws, our cat sitters are trained in Pet First Aid and CPR. Cat sitting services also allow you to keep your cat in their own home in lieu of placing them in an unfamiliar environment. Keeping your cat comfortable makes your absence easier for them. As an added bonus, you won’t have to worry about asking friends or family to make home visits for you.

Cat Care While You Are Away

Cat sitting will involve the tasks you’d expect: feeding, watering, and litter box maintenance. In addition, because many cats are active by nature, playtime is offered to provide the physical and mental stimulation they need. Depending on your kitty’s age and health, levels of play are adjusted accordingly.

In Case of Emergency

While it is rare, the unexpected does sometimes occur. Cats have been known to find themselves in a jam, and HVAC units have been known to break. Daily cat sitting services ensure that your cat is safe in your home while you are away.

What to Expect

Typically, a cat sitting service offers different levels of care depending on the needs of your pet. At Posh Paws Pet Care, we visit your cat each day that you are away and provide text/email updates after each visit. We can also bring in mail/newspaper, water houseplants, activate lighting and arrange blinds for an at-home appearance.

To become a Posh Paws Pet Care Member, we first schedule a Meet and Greet. This allows us to meet you, the pet owner, as well as the cat(s) that we will be caring for. In this meeting, we will get to know your cat and learn how you would like us to care for them.

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