Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips

Autumn pet health

Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips

The changing foliage and crisp air of autumn create excitement among many. Especially here in the South where we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.  As a pet owner, you know that your furry friends love the change in season too. With the page turn of the calendar also comes the introduction of new areas to be aware of for your pets.  To keep them safe and healthy during this season, consider these fall pet care tips.


If stifling summer heat kept you from exercising your pets outdoors, use the cooler fall days for extra fun and training sessions. Dogs love extended walks, trips to the dog park, and playing fetch.  While you’re out and about is also a great time to reiterate basic commands. This helps to keep your dog engaged and current on their training. Of course, we here at Posh Paws Pet Care are always here to jump in to help if your schedule is short on time.

Avoid Pests

Autumn pet health is at risk from pesky pests during the cooler months. Did you know that tick and flea populations flourish during the autumn season? Keeping pets out of places that harbor pests, such as wooded areas, will go a long way in protecting them. Even after a short work, check them thoroughly after outdoor time to make sure they’re not bringing in unwelcome guests. Fall is also the season when snakes get ready for hibernation. Avoid taking pets through tall grass where snakes might live, and familiarize yourself with venomous breeds in your area. Should something happen, knowing your pet’s attacker helps in giving vital information to his caretakers.

Store School Supplies Properly

In homes with children, fall means school materials are out in force. These supplies can create unsuspecting dangers for pets. Supplies can be a choking hazard, or made of toxic materials.  To help keep pets safe, be sure to work with your children to put markers, scissors, glue, crayons and other supplies away after use.  Making sure that proper storage options for these items are available will help to reinforce the clean-up process.

Pets and Mushrooms

Did you know that there are 1,000s of types of mushrooms? While mushrooms grow all year, they are most plentiful in the fall.  Luckily for pet owners, only about 100 types of mushrooms are poisonous.  Even better, mushrooms sold in large grocery stores are considered safe for humans and pets. However, on a daily walk or while in the woods, your pet may come across one of the toxic varieties. In these cases, even a small bite can be poisonous.  Because mushrooms are very difficult to identify, and for autumn pet health, do not allow them to eat any they may find. For information about mushroom poisoning, read this article from the ASPCA.

Beware of Pesticides

The cooler weather in fall months can drive rodents inside looking for shelter. As such, many people take preemptive action by placing rodent/rat poison around their home. If you choose to use such measures be sure to only place them in areas that are inaccessible to pets. Did you know that dogs like the taste of rat poison?  Most rat poisons are made with a grain or sugar base making them tasty to animals.  One of the easiest ways to protect your pets from rat poison is to ensure they do not roam outside alone and unsupervised. This also applies to cats that love to hunt for mice. To learn more about rat and other poison’s affects on animals the ASPCA offers an Animal Poison Control resource.

Use Safer Engine Coolants

Many drivers use this time of year to change the coolant in their cars. If you’re one of them, you may want to avoid the use of products made with ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is extremely poisonous to pets while also tasting good to them.  Coolants that have propylene glycol are safer for pets, but still poisonous if ingested in large amounts. Some years ago, some semi-moist cat foods contained propylene glycol. Today, propylene glycol is used in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries in a wide variety of uses.  In any case, store the containers out of pets’ reach, and clean any spills thoroughly and immediately.

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