Dog Harness vs Dog Collar

dog harness vs dog collar

Is one better than the other; dog harness vs dog collar?  If your dog has been using a dog collar for every walk, ever, you may not know.  If your dog is perfectly behaved and neither of you is experiencing issues why should you consider a harness?  A harness offers better overall control, comfort and safety for your pup.  Did you know that their collar could be hurting them?

Why Use a Harness vs Dog Collar for Small Dogs

Small dogs have an uncanny way of becoming escape artists.  If you have a little guy, you may know what we mean.  One minute they’re walking beside you on their leash and the next they are in Ms. Watson’s yard across the street. 

Using a harness on a small dog offers a few different benefits.  The first is that your pup is much less likely to shed a harness.  More importantly, small dogs are prone to injury from pulling and tugging on leashes around their necks and throats.  A harness disburses the pressure over a larger area of his body relieving strain on his neck and back.  

Why Use a Harness for Large Dogs

One of the most important benefits of using dog harness vs dog collar for large dogs is the control it gives you.  This can be especially important in crowded areas and near busy streets.  And maybe even more often, while passing another dog on a walk.  Therefore, too, it is easier on your arms and back.  Not to mention the significant relief to their neck/throat from a leash as they pull as hard as they can to get somewhere. 

dog harness vs dog collar

Overall Advantages to a Harness vs a Leash

Whether you have a small dog or a large dog, a harness offers these additional benefits:

  • If your dog is older, or just plum worn out from their walk they may need to lay down.  A harness gives you the option of easily helping them back up to their feet without pulling on their neck/spine from a collar.
  • Some harnesses discourage pulling.  Specifically, those that attach at the chest will redirect him if he pulls.
  • For puppies, a harness makes it easier to train them to walk.  Collared leashes, combined with those not so graceful little legs, can make for tangling and tripping hazards. 

Dog Harness Options

If you are considering switching to a harness, you may be wondering which one is right for your dog.  Yes, there are quite a few to choose from.  Locations like Pet Supplies Plus on Dorchester Road and Pet Smart in the Azalea Square Shopping Center are good places to start. 

To ensure the best harness for your pup, be sure to speak with a dog trainer certified in positive reinforcement training, like us here at Posh Paws Pet Care.  In addition, we’ve added a few options below to think about.

  • Nylon Dog Harness – suitable for all dogs
  • Soft Mesh Harness – made of breathable fabric and smaller dogs
  • Cooling Harness – carries cold packs to keep dogs cool
  • Reflective Harness – for night time walks
  • Heavy Duty Dog Harness – for larger and stronger dogs

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