Keeping Dogs Cool in Summertime

Keeping Dogs Cool in Summer Keeping dogs cool in summertime is one of those things we usually don’t think about until it’s reallllly hot outside.  It’s already April and it’s starting to give us hints of the summer to come. Making preparations for your pup now can help them avoid overheating and dehydration.  It will…

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2 Most Helpful Dog Commands

dog commands

Being able to communicate with your dog is essential for a good relationship with them. If you’re looking for the first dog commands to teach your dog, we believe these two are it.  There are certainly benefits to taking a structured training class with your pup.  However, these commands below can be taught right at…

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Fun Facts About Mixed Breed Dogs

mixed breed dogs

Loving a dog is easy, whether they are mixed breed or purebred. With mixed dog breeds, though, there’s the added element of getting to love multiple breeds in one cute puppers.  Bonus, mixed breed dogs come with perks. Mixed Breed Dogs Have Fewer Health Issues Combining dog breeds creates a diversity of genes.  Therefore, some…

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Dog Chewing – 5 Steps to Stopping It

dog chewing

All dog owners have been there.  The wondering “how do I stop my dog from chewing on things they shouldn’t?”.  Dogs chewing inappropriately is a fairly common problem in young dogs.  This behavior usually starts when they are puppies, and if not corrected, will linger into adulthood. Why Puppies Chew Things When puppies are very…

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Holiday Foods for Pets: Yummy and Safe

What’s Safe and What to Avoid The holidays are here, and meal planning may be at the top of your preparations list.  With so many holiday traditions connected to food (e.g, ham, turkey, cookies, gingerbread houses, big meals around the table), it’s hard not to share a little with our furry friends.  You may even…

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Cold Weather Safety Tips for Pets

Cold weather safety tips for pets — but in the South? You bet. Even though the cold weather here is pretty mild compared to Colorado or Minnesota, our Low Country pets still need to be kept warm in chillier weather than they’re used to. With some help from the ASPCA’s website, we’ve pulled together tips…

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