Top 6 Dog Friendly Beaches in South Carolina

dog friendly beaches south carolina

Looking for dog friendly beaches in South Carolina? South Carolina offers much more than mouth-watering barbecue, thrilling college football rivalries, and state-of-the-art golf courses. An exquisite destination for beach lovers, the Palmetto State coast is home to a smattering of sprawling beaches. Ahead, we’ll name the top six dog friendly beaches in South Carolina. Places…

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Top 10 Most Common Allergies in Dogs

allergies in dogs

Have you noticed that your dog seems preoccupied with licking its paws? How about other subtle changes like weight loss, lethargy, or aggressiveness? You might be surprised to know that these instances are standard signals of allergies in dogs.  It is estimated that 10% of dogs have allergies, and popular breeds like golden retrievers, Labrador…

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Which Dog Breeds are Good with Cats?

which dog breeds are good with cats

Would you know which dog breeds are good with cats?  When someone hears the saying, “fighting like cats and dogs,” they might guess that cats and dogs are and have been eternal enemies since the dawn of time. Beyond their portrayal in the media as hypervigilant, aggressive, and bloodthirsty for cats, there are actually many…

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The Most Popular Dog Breeds in 2022

most popular dog breeds

Pups, commence your barking! The American Kennel Club’s list of most popular dog breeds for 2022 includes long-enduring favorites and some entertaining newcomers. In a time when American families are just as likely to have dogs as children, this list may be a helpful resource in deciding which pup is best suited for your home.…

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Preparing for a Vet Visit

vet visit

It’s vet visit time and your veterinarian is an important member of your pet’s family. An exceptional vet will make a concerted effort to get to know and befriend your pet. They will also answer your questions, and research your quandaries. They can also point you toward resources like emergency care facilities. Whether you adopt,…

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Does My Dog Have a Yeast Infection

yeast infections in dogs

Tips for Diagnosing, Treating, and Preventing Yeast Infections in Dogs When you hear some of the symptoms of yeast infections in dogs, it will suddenly click. Your dog’s incessant head-shaking and preoccupation with its paws as of late has had you perplexed. And they keep rubbing their ear against the couch. Upon closer examination, you…

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