Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips

Autumn pet health

Autumn Pet Health and Safety Tips The changing foliage and crisp air of autumn create excitement among many. Especially here in the South where we are anxiously awaiting its arrival.  As a pet owner, you know that your furry friends love the change in season too. With the page turn of the calendar also comes…

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Cat Sitting for Your Feline Family Member

cat sitting

Cat Sitting Services If you are like us, you consider your cat part of the family. Each day you dote attention on them and ensure that they are lovingly cared for. Cat owners can sometimes also believe that their feline friend will enjoy the time alone while they are away. Although cats are notorious for…

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How to Remove a Tick from Your Pet

remove a tick

How to Remove a Tick from Your Pet As the summertime weather starts to rear its head, mosquitoes and ticks begin to make their way out into the open. When left exposed, pets become more susceptible to tick bites during these months. Ticks are not only dangerous to humans, they also pose a threat to…

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Caring for a Cat – First Time Owners

caring for a cat

First Time Owners: Caring for a Cat Congratulations! You are the owner of a new feline family member. Taking care of your fur baby will be one of your main concerns to help them lead a happy and healthy life. As with most things we do for the first time, there are some areas to…

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