Why In-Home Pet Sitting is a Better Option Than Boarding


Pet Sitting vs Boarding. Which is better? Are you planning a trip and wondering what to do with Fido while you’re away? Are you wondering whether to choose boarding, grandmas house, or in-home pet sitting. While boarding (even with grandma) can be a convenient option, it can also be stressful for pets. In-home pet sitting, on the other hand, offers a personalized and stress-free experience for your four-legged friend. Find out why it may be the better option for your pet.

Pet Sitting vs Boarding: Reduce Stress and Anxiety for Your Pet

In-home pet sitting can greatly reduce stress and anxiety for your pet. Being in a familiar environment with their own bed, toys, and routine can help pets feel more comfortable and secure. Additionally, they won’t have to deal with the stress of being in a new and unfamiliar place with other animals they don’t know. In-home pet sitters like Posh Paws Pet Care can also provide one-on-one attention and care. This will help to ease any separation anxiety your pet may experience while you’re away from home.

Personalized Attention and Care

In-home pet sitting offers personalized attention and care for your furry family member. Unlike boarding facilities where pets may be one of many, in-home pet sitters can focus solely on your pet’s needs. They can provide individualized care, such as administering medication, following specific feeding schedules, and providing plenty of playtime and exercise (as appropriate for the animal). Our team makes sure they receive the attention and care they need to stay happy, healthy, and loved.

Maintaining Your Pet’s Routine and Environment

One of the biggest benefits of in-home pet sitting is that it allows your pet to maintain their routine while staying in their own environment. Boarding facilities can sometimes be overwhelming for pets. They are filled with unfamiliar smells, sounds, and surroundings. These items on top of already missing you can lead to anxiety and stress, which can impact their behavior and overall well-being. In-home pet sitting allows for a familiar environment for your pet, with their own bed, toys, and surroundings. If you have a senior pet, staying at home may be especially helpful.

If you’ve had small children sleepover at a friend’s house, you know what sometimes happens. They call late at night because they want to come home. The change in their routine, the food, the sounds and more can be too much. The same can be true for your pets when being boarded.

In-home pet sitting also means sitters can stick to your pet’s regular feeding and exercise schedule. When boarding, all pets are fed and exercised at a time that works best for the facility, not each individual animal.

Your Pet May Not Get Enough Opportunities to Empty Their Bladder

If your pet “goes” a lot, they’ll have to hold it more at a boarding facility. Dog’s get used to “using the bathroom” on their own schedule. Most adult dogs need to empty their bladder three to fives times per day. Puppies need to go even more frequently. Did you know that holding urine for extended periods of time has been linked to urinary tract infections and kidney stones in dogs? With in-home pet sitting, your pet sitter will be in-tune with your pet’s “potty schedule”.

Avoid Exposure to Illnesses and Parasites

In-home pet sitting also helps to reduce the risk of your pet being exposed to illnesses and parasites. Even though your pet may be perfectly healthy, others may not be. Boarding facilities often house multiple pets in close proximity, which can increase the risk of your pet contracting something. Kennels are infamous for contagious diseases like kennel cough, canine distemper, rabies, parvovirus, and canine influenza. In-home pet sitters only care for your pet, thereby reducing the risk of exposure to other animals. Did you know that kennel cough, or canine infectious tracheobronchitis, is a highly-contagious respiratory infection that is spread by touching noses, through airborne droplets (coughing), and sharing food dishes?

Pet Sitting vs Boarding: Peace of Mind for You as a Pet Owner

In-home pet sitting offers peace of mind for pet owners who want to ensure their furry friends are well-cared for while they are away. With in-home pet sitting, you can rest assured that your pet is receiving personalized attention and care in the comfort of their own home. You won’t have to worry about your pet being stressed or anxious in a new environment, or about the potential risks of exposure to illnesses or parasites. Instead, you can enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

pet sitting vs boarding

If You Have to Board, Ask These Questions

If you have to board your pet, you’ll want to know the answers to a few questions.

First, ask how many caregivers there are on a daily basis and how many animals are being boarded. You want to know if there are there enough staff to care for all of the animals and to supervise playtimes to minimize bullying and fighting between dogs. Ask if a member of the staff will be watching the dogs at all times while in the play area.

You’ll want to know how long your dog will be left in their kennel each day. And, how often they will get the chance to exercise or “go potty”.

Finally, ask how much time the caregiver will spend playing with the dogs and giving them individual attention.

Wrapping Up Pet Sitting vs Boarding

Pet Sitting vs Boarding is a topic worth thinking about and even discussing with your veterinarian. Ask them what they recommend. Either way, see if you can schedule a meet and greet for your pet and the caregiver before you go away.

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