Skin Care for Dogs with Allergies

skin care for dogs

Skin Care for Dogs with Allergies

Special skin care for dogs is essential for pups that have allergies. This is especially true for those that have sensitive skin and therefore require a bit more attention than dogs with “normal” skin. One of the most common mistakes pet parents make is to simply hope the issue will go away on its own. If you’re a pet parent who has a dog with allergies, the skin care tips below will be helpful for you and your furry friend. Treating a dog with skin allergies is similar to treating a human. With a little tender loving care, your pup’s skin can be feeling better in no time. As always, we recommend that you discuss any new treatments for your dog with their veterinarian.

Massage Your Dog’s Skin with Vitamin E

Have you ever noticed that the majority of skin care products for humans have Vitamin E in them? That’s because it is soothing for the skin. Fortunately, it can also benefit your canine friend in the same way. Rubbing the oil from a Vitamin E capsule directly on your dog’s skin can help soothe the itch and moisturize the dry surface. Vitamin E can be tacky or sticky. Depending on where you’ve applied the oil to your dog, you may want to put down a towel where they lay.

Using Dry Shampoo Between Baths

Skin care for dogs wouldn’t be complete without the new trend of Dry shampoo. Special formulas are now made specifically for dogs. Dry shampoo can be a welcome addition for a pup with sensitive skin. Many of these dry shampoo formulas are made with soothing ingredients, such as oatmeal, coconut oil, aloe vera, lemongrass, and neem oil. These can help nourish the skin while helping to keep your dog clean and smelling great between baths. However, if your dog has particularly sensitive skin, make sure to look for products that are made without chemicals or harsh ingredients.

Regular Brushing

Dogs love a good brushing. It’s relaxing and can also be helpful to your pup. Dogs that have allergies can benefit from being brushed daily as it helps to remove allergens that could be irritating their skin or nose. Brushing also helps remove dead and itchy skin, which can further irritate their allergies. Regular brushing can even help reduce itch by minimizing the buildup of histamine and prostaglandins on the skin.

Bathing With Essential Oil Shampoos

An important part of skin care for dogs is bath time. Essential oil shampoo helps prevent dandruff that causes itching while soothing dryness. What’s even better is that these shampoos can be made at home with the proper low-cost ingredients. Simply add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to a bottle of natural dog shampoo and wash as normal. If you’d rather purchase a pre-made shampoo, look for a natural essential oil shampoo made specifically for dogs. We recommend researching essential oils and dosage prior to use.

Protecting Your Pup’s Skin

There are several ways to protect and treat your pup’s skin. These are just a few of the tips we think will help with skin care for dogs with allergies. Because the suggestions above are natural and affordable, you will be able to begin implementing them as soon as you’re ready. As a pet parent, this will help to give you peace of mind that your best friend is being well cared for.

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