Fun Facts About Mixed Breed Dogs

mixed breed dogs

Loving a dog is easy, whether they are mixed breed or purebred. With mixed dog breeds, though, there’s the added element of getting to love multiple breeds in one cute puppers.  Bonus, mixed breed dogs come with perks.

Mixed Breed Dogs Have Fewer Health Issues

Combining dog breeds creates a diversity of genes.  Therefore, some of the recessive disorders of certain breeds can be neutralized by the dominant genes of others.  Because purebred dogs must mate with their own kind, they are genetically very similar to one another.  That means that health issues created by genes of that breed remain dominant.

Longer Life Span

Hip-Hip-Hooray for more time with our furry friends! Mixed breed dogs tend to be statistically healthier than purebred dogs.  Therefore, they tend to live longer.  Because there is a lower chance of developing hereditary disorders, mixed dogs on average live 14 years.  Purebred dogs on average live for 10 years.

Less Expensive

It’s hard to put a price tag on a best friend.  However, if you’re shopping for friendship, and not pedigree, a mixed breed dog will certainly be less expensive.  Because purchasing from a breeder can be pricey. Investments in the thousands of dollars is not unheard of.    

Visiting a local shelter is a wonderful alternative to find the furry love of your life.  Here in the Summerville area, Dorchester Paws makes adopting dogs of all shapes, sizes, and mixed breeds affordable.  It’s a win-win for you and them.  You’ll save money and they’ll receive some much-needed forever love.

Unique Look

Mixing breeds in dogs can have some of the most adorable results.  When we think of a poodle or a German Shepherd, we can easily imagine what they look like.  However, if someone says their dog is a mix between Corgi and Labrador Retriever, we’re not quite sure what to expect.  Even mixed breed puppies from the same litter can all look different.

mixed breed dog

No matter what mixed breed you ultimately choose, they all have one thing in common; they are all easy to love.

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