A Happy Christmas for Your Dog

Christmas for your dog

A Happy Christmas for Your Dog

Christmas for your dog.  Have you given it some thought?  With all of the hustle and bustle and planning this time of year, we thought you might enjoy some ideas to make Fido’s holiday as special as yours.

Cookie Time!

Christmas for your dog

If you’re like us, there’s a tradition of making cookies this time of year.  The whole kitchen is awhirl with baking goods and different types of ingredients.  Together, they yield the yummiest of confections.  

And then there’s our pup looking up at us with those begging eyes.  They deserve a cookie treat, too!  However, people cookies aren’t necessarily good for your dog.  In fact, some can be bad for them (e.g., if they contain raisins or nuts).  

So what’s a dog-mom to do?  Make special dog Christmas cookies, of course!  Christmas for your dog just got 100 times better.  We found a few doggie Christmas cookie recipes that you can enjoy here.  Most require just a few ingredients and are easy to make:

Let’s Think About Safety

Like any good mom, keeping health and safety in mind is a must.  Because Christmas can be hectic, this is just a reminder about how your dog may react to the holidays.  

With lots of people coming and going, the change in routine may be stressful for your pup.  Be sure he has a place of his own to relax.

Last year we wrote about the hazards of Christmas decorations for pets.  Check it out for a list of the hidden dangers that may be in your home.

Presents at Christmas for Your Dog

Whether your dog has been naughty or nice, doesn’t he still deserve a present?  We think so.  

If you’re accustomed to visiting Pet Supplies Plus on Dorchester Road, or Pet Smart in Summerville’s Azalea Square, you know there are plenty of toys to choose from.

But are you ready to take it up a notch?  Have you started shopping online for your pup?

Take a look at some of these pretty festive finds.

Dog Casino

Matching Dog Collar and Dog-Mom Bracelet

Christmas for your dog

Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy Puzzle

These are just a few of the great ideas available for your dogs. With a little internet surfing, you’re sure to find a few more doggie treasures!

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