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adopting a COVID puppy

Considering Adopting a COVID Puppy?

Are You Considering Adopting a “COVID” Puppy (or an adult dog)? For humans, COVID has been nothing but a sheer ...
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exercising with your dog

Exercising with Your Dog and the Benefits

Your pup is your best pal, right? If you’re like us, we do just about everything together: relaxing in front ...
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is your dog fit

Is Your Dog Fit or Fubsy?

Is your dog fit or fubsy?  This October, the CrossFit Games were held in Northern California revealing the fittest man ...
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Exceptional Nature of Dogs

Exceptional Nature of Dogs that Benefit Humans

We’ve been watching the Secret Life of Dogs series. It’s heartwarming to see on screen story after story of what ...
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Enjoy a Sensational Staycation this September

Summerville Staycation It’s September and the summer is starting to wind down. However, the reason we may desperately need some ...
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unlikely animal friendships

Unlikely Animal Friendships

Unlikely Animal Friendships There are unlikely animal friendships in the world that may make you ask yourself ‘How did that ...
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dog harness vs dog collar

Dog Harness vs Dog Collar

Is one better than the other; dog harness vs dog collar? If your dog has been using a dog collar ...
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dog training phone consultation

Dog Training Phone Consultations

Dog Training Phone Consultations Dog training and phone consultations. Can they go hand in hand? Why yes, they sure can ...
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dog annoyed

Is My Dog Annoyed with Me?

Is My Dog Annoyed With Me? A light-hearted look at what your dog may be feeling during the pandemic “Is ...
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